We have been putting the transformational impact of values-driven innovation to work for nearly two decades.

A multi-disciplinary network of experience designers, strategists, systems designers, writers, engineers, and artists led by Lauren Sinreich, we dedicate the right team to each project, working from established methods to ensure smooth delivery and effective transformation.

Lauren Sinreich

Lauren Sinreich is a strategic designer, systems thinker, qualitative researcher, communicator and coach. She has nearly two decades of experience building and leading strategy operations, creating opportunity out of large complex challenges, and bringing big ideas to fruition.

Previously, she was Director of Enterprise Design in Bank of America’s Global Information Security organization, where she pitched, built and led an in-house design capacity. Prior to that, she worked as an independent qualitative research and strategy consultant for a number of years. Across her work, she has worked across sectors across industries, including energy efficiency, finance, social innovation, information security, sustainable development among others; and has worked on projects with organizations such as the San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Civic Innovation, American Express, the Kauffman Foundation, and New Media Ventures.

Said to be a breath of fresh air to work with, she brings expert perspective, empathy and creativity that opens up possibilities for people and organizations.

The values that drive Our Work

Values are a competitive advantage

There is no value delivered without meeting the values of the customer. Values uniquely inform the value delivered, and so inform strategies and business models. Everything else is developed in support of delivering value, including metrics and experience.

Value is relational

Value is created in conversation between you and your customer, and it is often influenced by the context of that conversation. When designing for action, we seek to design for a quality of interaction that makes action natural and valuable, and as a result more likely to be persistent.

Asking the right questions leads to the most valuable solution

We are committed to getting to the source of a challenge or opportunity. The result is: we save money, time and headache, and we develop more valuable solutions.

Inclusionary design is good design

We believe it is possible to design for a niche customer-set and still design for inclusion. It’s the surest path to usability and to avoiding common risks.

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