Insights and strategies for values-driven transformation

We partner with visionary leaders to distill big ideas and complex challenges into transformational processes, cultures, and offerings.


Get clarity and inform effective decisions through interviews, user observation, customer journey mapping, and more.


Make a clear case for change and a bold vision forward. This includes strategic innovation, stakeholder and values alignment, business design, customer experience strategy, and service design.


Bring an opportunity to life with creativity, empathy and effectiveness through customer experience design, content design, and service blueprinting.


We are called Whole Innovation & Design because we are committed to creating more whole futures. We do that by taking a comprehensive approach to delivering value and experience.

Systems thinking enables us to both identify more potential opportunities and efficiencies, as well as mitigate risks we might not otherwise account for.

And the benefit of whole as a quality of offering and experience doesn’t end there. When combined with design thinking, the result is delivering better value as an organization. It leaves the people you serve and work with feeling well, satisfied, whole.

That’s a clear way to differentiate yourself in today’s market.


“Design is the key central point where we translate human intentions into how we interact with eachother and the world.”

– Daniel Christian Wahl


Here are some questions we help our clients answer:

How might our values better drive innovation and great customer experience?

How might we make our processes more effective?

How might we create a more cohesive overall customer experience?

Can our values be better integrated throughout our operations and customer experience?

Where will we aim for as an organization to best serve our customers?

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