The Case for Values-Driven Transformation

An empowered consumer

The unprecedented access to information and transparency empowers consumers to make informed decisions based on what matters most to them. 

Business leadership action

Key business and economic organizations, including the Business Roundtable and World Economic Forum, have publicly announced the need to reassess businesses’ definition of value creation. 


Post-COVID19 norms

Companies saw outsized level of scrutiny from consumers about their demonstrated sense of social responsibility and response to the pandemic. The demand for values-driven innovation and offerings has amplified as a result.

Digital coordination

People are effectively organizing and coordinating via social media in a way that demands brand response and engagement that is tone sensitive. 

A great product is no longer sufficient to guarantee strong sales and loyal customers. Today’s empowered consumers not only reject corporate irresponsibility but also seek brands that proactively promote beliefs and values aligned with their own… Leaders should … identify and prioritize relevant values that resonate with their consumers, authentically integrate those values across the organization, and help build the evidence-based case to earn consumers’ and stakeholders’ trust.”  – Forrester

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