Working With Us

Here are some questions we help our clients answer:

How might we drive innovation and a great customer experience in line with our values?

How might we make our processes more clear and effective?

How might we create a more cohesive overall customer experience?

How might we better integrate our values throughout our operations and customer experience?

Where might we aim for as an organization to best serve our customers?

The WHOLE Values Framework

We at WHOLE see values as more than a nice story to tell. We see them as guides that can be as tangible and effective as other goals and indicators commonly leveraged in business. In fact, we know that when we put the rigor into operationalizing our values as we do our other goals, they become strategic assets. The WHOLE Values Framework offers a simple way of understanding of the different ways we operationalize our values so that we can become more effective.


  • Values are operationalized implicitly and explicitly. 
  • When done implicitly, an organization is unable to learn from values and manage based on those learnings. 
  • When operationalized explicitly, organizations are able to leverage values as a tool for innovation and competitive advantage.


Narrative – Mission statements, marketing, storytelling

Experiential – Events, rituals and ceremonies, social dynamics


Prescriptive – Strategy, planning, forecasting

Retrospective – Assessments, KPIs, etc.

Lauren is an accomplished leader skilled at using user research to create clarity and translate that clarity into actionable organizational strategy. While design strategy and innovation sometimes seems amorphous, Lauren possesses the ability to drive concrete changes and business results. She has the ability to engage and influence executives in organizations at the enterprise level while at the same time building and mentoring teams who are deep in the trenches. Complexity is the standard for businesses and organizations today, and Lauren’s ability to find and communicate the meaning behind the complexity is invaluable.

– Jeremiah Fellows, Bank of America

“Lauren led our community outreach efforts for Creative Currency. This resulted in 20+ interviews with key stakeholders, a survey that captured info from 150+ local community members and business owners, and the outcome, a 20 page community brief that has opened up data about Central Market to general citizens in a way that has produced outstanding engagement from Creative Currency participants. Many have told us that this work, all conducted in a 2 month time frame, is unparalleled work that has been needed for decades. We have Lauren to thank for this. Lauren is completely professional and committed to excellence.”  – Jon Axtell, Impact Hub and SOCAP Ventures

“Lauren has a magical ability to instill creativity in others and to empower those around her, thereby creating highly empathetic and collaborative environments. Under her guidance and design strategy, she was able to help our team identify key areas of opportunity in our projects and formulate action plans to execute in a timely fashion.” – Christopher Yu, Bank of America

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