Nate Nichols on authenticity and elevating more diverse perspectives

Nate Nichols is Founder of the Palette Group, a Brooklyn-based creative production haus. In this conversation that tears down the silos of the personal vs professional journeys, Nate and Lauren talk about:

  • Business as a platform to explore one’s identity and to self-express
  • Finding the balance between being authentic and unfiltered but also having it resonate with clients and audiences
  • How branding is a direct filter and lens for you to do the work you want to do in the world
  • How the agency business model directly impacts the diversity of perspectives in advertising
  • Data is driving the future of decentralized advertising, distribution of content and more diversity of creative content

Referencees and Resources:

Select highlights:

  • “There’s something in me that when I am self expressed, there is value there.”
  • “When you do set those brand values, if you do that work to design the brand values that you want people to see in your company, you’ll attract those people you’re speaking about, you’ll attract those people in the recruitment process who you’ll just immediately get along with because their values align with the brands values. So when they do come aboard, it’s just easier to be themselves and be self expressed, because they’re fully aligned with the brand values. And thus, your organization will just run way more fluid, way more efficiently because everyones just genuinely happy to be there.”
  • “Thats the beauty of branding, if you’re really true to yourself and your values you’ll be able to create messaging and language and creative that represents that position and those values. So people look at you and experience you in a way that you dont even have to talk anymore.”

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